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Cooling Water Circulation Apparatus (Circulator) General-Purpose Chiller Series

The followings are optional:

  • Power cables
  • Leakage current breaker
  • Fixing metal fitting
  • Ball taps for automatic watering
  • All SUS specified
  • Temperature stability ±1°C
Pamphlet (PDF)
▼Check Spec▼
Product name Cooling Water Circulation Apparatus (Circulator)
Cooling method Air-cooling type Water-cooling type Air-cooling type Water-cooling type Air-cooling type Water-cooling type Water-cooling type
Product type AT-1 ATW-1 AT-2 ATW-2 AT-3 ATW-3 ATW-5
Temperature control range 5℃~25℃
Ambient temperature 5℃~40℃
Cooling capacity *1 2.0/2.2kw 2.1/2.2kw 4.5/4.7kw 5.8/6.1kw 6.0/6.5kw 9.4/10.2kw 14.8/15.8kw
Temperature control range ±2.0℃
Pump circulation capacity At 0.12MPa
At 0.3MPa
At 0.3MPa
Maximum flow rate
Maximum flow rate
Maximum flow rate
Maximum lifting
Maximum lifting
Maximum lifting
Total length of the piping for the circulating liquid 15A 20A
Overflow size 15A 1B
Automatic inlet 15A (The ball tap is optional.)
Drain outlet Equipped with 15A
External dimension W500XD560XH900 W570XD680
W570XD680XH1450 W570XD680XH1250 W620XD780XH1450
Weight Approx.89g Approx.89g Approx.178Kg Approx.170Kg Approx.190Kg Approx.172Kg Approx.220Kg
Electrical properties Power source 3φ AC200 V, 50/60 Hz air-cooling
Current 3.7/3.9A 4.4/4.7A 8.2/8.6A 7.8/8.0A 10.5/10.9A 9.5/10.7A 18/18.4A
Power capacity 1.28/1.35KV 1.52/1.63KV 2.84/2.98KV 2.70/2.77KV 3.64/3.78KV 3.29/3.71KV 6.23/6.37KVA
Apparatus details Freezer 0.75kw 1.5kw 2.2kw 3.75kw
Cooler Coil type
Condenser Forced air cooling with fin coil Double-coil piping Forced air cooling with fin coil Double-coil piping Forced air cooling with fin coil Double-coil piping Double-coil piping
Required cooling water 10/20L/min
Circulation pump Magnet type
Cascade type
Cascade type
Temperature control method ON-OFF control
Temperature control method K thermocouple
Capacity of the water tank Approx.35L Approx.70L Approx.75L 約96L
Cooling medium R-407C
Material of the surface contacting liquid Plastic (nylon, PVC), SUS304, brass, CU
Temperature controller Digital temperature indicator controller
Indicating lamp Various kinds of alarm lamps, operation lamps, power lamps.
Switches Operation switch, stop switch
Safety equipment Freezer Freezer thermal protector
Piping for cooling medium High-pressure switch
Water piping Water temperature abnormality alarm
Circulation pump Overcurrent protection thermal
Water tank Float switch
Water piping relief Internal relief valve (automatic relief function during no‐discharge operation)
Note Metal sheet baking finish coating 2.5Y9/1
Cooled water fresh water
Price ¥540,000 ¥710,000 ¥900,000 ¥1,050,000
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