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Choice Chiller Water-Cooling


This is a water-cooling, all-in-one type chiller, with various specification options.

Control within ±0.02°C has been realized.

Equipped with a high performance energy saving heating function utilizing the heat of the freezer.

Change to the wide-range specification is possible (from -30°C to 90°C).

Pumps (their flow rate and liftings) can be customized according to the facilities.

Production in pure-water specification, with all part contacting liquid made of SUS, is possible.

Change to the low-noise pulsation-reduced pump is possible.

All-in-one Water-Cooler

All-in-one Water-Cooler

Highly portable and high cost performance

There is waste heat in the room in proportion to capacity.

▼Check Spec▼
Product type A-4500 A-7000 A-12000 A-18000 A-24000
Temperature control range 18℃~30℃(5℃~35℃)
Ambient temperature 5℃~40℃
Cooling capacity 4500W
Heating capacity 800W
Oscillation of the controlled temperature ±0.05℃(Practically ±0.02°C. The system temperature is virtually stable within this range.)
Pump circulation capacity Maximum lifting 50/56M(50/60Hz) 80/100M(50/60Hz)
Maximum flow rate 35L/min(50/60Hz) 55/70L/min(50/60Hz)
Total length of the piping for the circulating liquid 20A 25A
Outside dimension W500×D580×H1220 約W710×D630×H1180 約W570×D677×H1220 約W600×D860×H1500 約W750×D960×H1500
Weight Approx.109Kg Approx.170Kg Approx.200Kg Approx.260kg Approx.320kg
Electrical properties Power source 3φ AC200V 50/60Hz
Power source Approx.8.0A Approx.12.0A Approx.22A Approx.33A Approx.40A
Apparatus details Compressor 1500W
scroll type
scroll type
scroll type
scroll type
scroll type
Condenser Plate heat exchanger
Flow rate of the coolant 15L/min at 32°C Flow rate of the coolant 23L/min at 32°C Flow rate of the coolant 34L/min at 32°C Flow rate of the coolant 40L/min at 32°C Flow rate of the coolant 60L/min at 32°C
Cooler Plate heat exchanger
Pump Cascade type 400W Cascade type 750W
Temperature control method Electronic expansion valve control type
Capacity of the water tank Approx.20L Approx.30L Approx.40L Approx.60L
Cooling medium R-407C
Material of piping contacting liquid BC, plastic (nylon, PVC), SUS304, BC (brass)
Temperature controller/th> Digital temperature indicator controller
Safety equipment Compressor Freezer thermal protector
Piping for cooling medium High-pressure switch
Piping for liquid Water temperature abnormality alarm
Pump Overcurrent protection thermal
Water tank Float switch
External contact Alarm output OPEN in case of anomaly (non-voltage contact, capacity within 2 A, terminal block)
Remote operation input close while in operation (terminal block)
For RS-485 communication (terminal block)
Performance graph of Choice Chiller, Water-Cooling
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